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CBG Surveillance Equipment is your best defense source for high quality surveillance products, hidden cameras, spy gear, nanny cams, spy equipment, digital video recorders, high resolution cameras, monitors, bug detectors, hidden clock radio cameras, hidden wall clock cameras, eyeglasses cameras, multiplexers, quads and much more. At CBG Safety & Surveillance Technology, our goal is to provide both commercial and residential customers with the right equipment at the best prices, whatever your needs may be. Our equipment is simple to use and install. If you should have any trouble, we will walk you through the process. Shipping is FREE on all orders over $75.00!

If you are in need of personal safety and protection equipment please visit our personal protection store. If you don't need our equipment now, a loved one, or someone you know, may someday. Make sure you bookmark our site for that time.


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If you aren't sure what camera or surveillance product would best fit your particular needs, we can help you with that too. Sometimes, it's easier for you to email us with your situation and we will give you our opinion of the best solution.

Take a look around and let us know if you have any questions.


TAKE ACTION AND PROTECT YOURSELF, YOUR HOME, YOUR EMPLOYEES, AND / OR YOUR BUSINESS: Protecting your home, store or business with digital video surveillance can easily pay for itself by preventing just one theft or violent crime and many times you can receive a disount on your insurance premiums for using certain types of surveillance and safety equipment.

Did you know that as a business owner you are responible for the safety of your employees? Violent crime at work can be minimized with the right surveillance equipment. An example of just how big of a problem work place related crime is becoming is the statistics from a U.S. Bureau of Labor study. In the New York City metropolitan area, 119 people were murdered at work in 1992, representing nearly half of all deaths on the job in that particular region.

A secondary result of this, that directly affects the business owner, is the sharp rise in so-called premises-liability lawsuits, in which victims of violent crimes sue the owner of the business where the attack occurred. Over the past five years these cases have doubled, to about 1,000 a year, says Liability Consultants Inc., a security-consulting firm in Framingham, Mass.

Most businesses can get insurance related discounts if they have implemented surveillance cameras and / or various security equipment. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to check out just how affordable the new surveillance and security technologies have become.

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