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Board Cameras

Board Cameras are basically a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board. These cameras are often used in mini cameras, dome cameras and for making hidden cameras but are also sold unpackaged, for mounting by the buyer.

Lenses in these cameras are either of a full opened lens or pinhole in which the opening of the lens is very small. Pinhole lens cameras are often used in creating hidden camera applications and are very useful for covert surveillance. All of our hidden cameras use board cameras identical or similar to the ones show below.

Lenses in board cameras are pre-mounted and have a fixed iris. In most cases they have a short focal length (the distance between the surface of the lens and it's focal point) which results in a wide angle of view. Our board cameras have a lens between 3.6 and 6mm.

Because of this they are limited to what they can be used for. However, they offer a low cost solution to security needs such as hidden camera situations and indoor video recording and surveillance applications.

multiplexerFlat Lens Board Camera
This flat lens board camera has a 3.6mm wide angle pinhole lens. 1.25"x 1.25"
multiplexer Cone Lens Board Camera
This cone lens board camera has a 5mm wide angle pinhole lens. 1.25"x 1.25"
color indoor  cameraColor Ultra Mini Pinhole Camera
Ultra small easy-to-connect color pinhole camera. Has an IR-coated crystal lens for realistic colors and better image quality.
color indoor mini cameraBlack and White Closed Board Camera
Not your typical board camera. This camera and circuit board is enclosed in a protective housing.
black / white indoor mini cameraBlack & White Ultra Mini Pinhole Camera
Ultra small easy-to-connect camera. Great quality. Rugged metal enclosure. Unlike most pinhole cameras in the industry; we use an IR-coated crystal lens for realistic colors and better image quality.
High-resolution CMOS cameraHigh Resolution CMOS Camera
The world's smallest video camera. High resolution .5'' x .5'' CMOS camera. Finally CMOS technology that virtually matches CCD quality at half the size. Plastic ABS enclosure.

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