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Covert / Hidden Cameras

CBG specializes in high quality, affordable, covert cameras, video surveillance, and hidden security cameras for both commercial and residential applications. Browse through our online catalogue for covert, surveillance security cameras, and concealed video surveillance equipment.

covert hidden beeper cameraBeeper Camera
Perfect for covert surveillance, private investigators and law enforcement. Easy access on/off switch controls the power. The wireless system uses one of our transmitters about 18” away from the camera so it can be concealed in a pocket or worn on a belt.
covert hidden eyeglass cameraEyeglass Case Camera
Ideal for covert surveillance, private investigators, and law enforcement. Perfect viewing angle from shirt pocket. The wireless systems uses one of our transmitters about 18” away from the camera so it can be concealed in a pocket or worn
on a belt.
covert hidden motion cameraMotion Detector Camera
A perfect covert solution. Fully functioning or non-functioning motion detector with a CCD Camera. Pivoting mounting bracket allows for ample room coverage. Wired motion detector will also control event recorder, alarm system, lamp, etc.
covert hidden smoke detector cameraSide View Smoke Detector
One to four cameras can be built inside to cover any room (wired version only). Great for ceiling mount viewing. Cameras can also tilt for best angle. Powered by 12 Volt or AC adapter. Unit comes with 1 camera standard. (Smoke Detector is non-functional.)
covert hidden smoke detector cameraDown View Smoke Detector
Ideal for over a cash register or desk. Ceiling or wall mountable for best viewing angle. Internal battery and AC adapter. (Smoke Detector is non-functional.)
covert hidden motion light cameraOutdoor Motion Light System
Outdoor motion with resolution bullet camera and automatic flood lights. ST-115W-V & ST-115WC-V are the 1st outdoor motion detection video systems on the market.
covert hidden exit sign cameraExit Sign Camera
This fully functioning exit sign camera is great for covert applications near doorways and entrances. Comes with one camera built onto the front panel or one camera on each of the front and rear panels.
covert hidden button cameraButton Camera
Great for body worn applications. This button incorporates
a high quality 1/3” camera behind a functional button.
covert hidden radio cameraClock Radio Camera
Micro camera built into a fully functioning clock radio. Entire system is operated by a 12 Volt AC power supply.
covert hidden clock cameraWall Clock Camera
A working wall clock ideal for home or office. Wall mountable for best viewing angle. Camera and clock powered by battery or AC power supply.
covert hidden book cameraBook Camera
No one will ever suspect this ordinary book is a completely self-contained video system. We built the camera, transmitter & battery inside the book. Just plug in the battery and unit is operational (wireless version).
covert hidden radio cameraBoom Box Camera
This is one of our most exiting items. It’s a fully functioning Boom Box with CD, cassette & AM/FM radio. We build it several different ways. The Boom Box is fully functioning.
covert eyeglasses cameraEyeglasses Camera
The wired version can plug directly into our Micro DVR to be used as a body worn system for covert operations.

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