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The Cyber Eye Micro-camera

Never before has so much security been available in such a small, self-contained package. With Cyber Eye no intruder goes unnoticed! At the first detection of motion, the infrared Cyber Eye digital surveillance camera starts taking quality Black & White, time & date stamped digital pictures of the intruder and stores them within the micro-camera for later retrieval. The Cyber Eye can be easily concealed within your vehicle and can be powered off the included battery pack or your vehicle's cigarette lighter.

This allows you to retrieve them later just by plugging the camera into your TV/VCR. The Cyber Eye is a minature discrete micro-camera that requires no installation and can take pictures on command by pressing the EMERGENCY button on the remote or can be set to capture images when an intruder walks by within 26 ft of the unit. This camera is great for catching someone sneaking around your house or you can put it in your car and aim it out the window. Since it works by changes in the picture and not motion, you can take pictures through glass and it will still work beautifully. You can set the pictures to be taken at 1-60 second intervals. (UP TO 680 pictures) The unit will automatically add a time and date stamp to each picture.

The Cyber Eye micro-camera has a 8mm lens, and built-in infrared allowing the capture of images of people in the dark (up to 10 feet away). Captures images at night using Infra Red LEDs.
cybereye micro camera - black


cybereye micro camera - white

Black & White
IC-100A Cyber Eye
Holds up to 680 images

(2-1/4"High X 3-1/4"Wide X 3"Deep)

2 remote controls (max operating distance of 100m), a power adapter and a RCA video cable.

- Image Sensor: 1/4” CMOS Black & White
- Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
- Power Required: 9V/300mA (AC Power Adapter)

Now only $219.00 each  


* Discontinued *


You can view saved images by disarming the Cyber Eye with the remote and connecting it to the RCA video input jack of a TV or VCR using the included cable. It's that easy! Use the 3-button remote to navigate your way through the images, or erase them if desired.

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